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Customer Reviews

  • I love my candles & wax melts! The owner was professional, friendly when texting and my items arrived within 2 days. I'll definitely purchase more items and share about my excellent service.

    -Pamela B.

  • I am sooooo in love with Saturday Cartoons. It smells exactly like froot loops and you can smell it when it's not even lit. Everyone that comes into my place asks "OMG, what's that smell?! I have to stop myself from buying 20 more of them!


  • Recently purchased these candles and I love them! It was important to me that they burned slow and the fragrance lasted and it did both.

    -Everett H.

  • I can smell this throughout my whole room! And i only took off the top.


  • These candles burn slower than BBW! Definitely worth the price.


  • My boyfriend smokes and it covers up the smell. Your stuff is always quality!!


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About Us

I started this business to enhance the self care experience which boosts our mental health. Starting out with sellng essential oils, I wanted to create something with aromatherapy that will aide in enhancing people's lives. With this world getting crazier, I wanted to be part of that little bit of peace in the world you feel when lighting a candle.

My hand crafted candles bring an exceptional experience to all customers. Each scent is closely tied to a memory or feeling. They add an admiring quality for maximal relaxation and specially curated to motivate a mood you're looking for.

We use clean, safe & non-toxic scents. We carefully select each fragrance which are environmentally friendly, cruelty free & phthalate-free! Our candles are highly scented to fill your home with coziness.

*Burn Times for the candles are 40-50 hours*

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