Collection: Bridgerton Family Collection

Dearest readers, the Bridgerton Collection offers a symphony of scents, each capturing the essence of our beloved characters:

1. Bridgerton Essence Sun-kissed mango and creamy coconut milk. Vibrant, warm, and utterly irresistible.
2. Queen Charlotte's Bouquet: A regal blend of exquisite florals. Enchanting, elegant, and fit for royalty.
3. Lady Danbury's Elegance: Rich cocoa butter and luxurious cashmere. Refined, bold, and supremely sophisticated.
4. Featherington Flair: Vibrant pineapple and fresh sage. Bold, whimsical, and delightfully daring.
5. Lady Whistledown's Secret: Tropical, mysterious, and irresistible mango and coconut milk.

Indulge in these scents, each a tribute to the charm and allure of our favorite Bridgerton personalities. Yours truly, Lady Whistledown.